RCL foods drivers available vacant

RCL Foods is looking for drivers to daily collecting and deliveries of parts, documents, and other errands as required for the smooth running of the feed mill.

Note that candidates from Rustenburg will be of preference, on your cv adjust the address to Rustenburg or state that you are willing to relocate when you are granted the jobs.

Taking Full Responsibility and Accountability

  • Vehicle check sheets / Report faults
  • Safe work procedures
  • Productivity
  • Timekeeping
  • Dress code
  • General Equipment needed

Vehicle Check Sheets / Report Faults

  • Ensure that you complete the LDV check list before you leave premises.
  • Ensure you report any faults found on the LDV during the day to the Ops Manager.
  • Ensure you filled the vehicle with diesel before if and when needed before departing for deliveries or collections
  • Vehicle to be kept clean at all times (in and outside)
  • No eating drinking or smoking while driving
  • No reckless driving at any time.
  • Subject to a breathalyzer test at any time while on duty
  • Vehicle never to be overloaded
  • Off-loading and loading of stock, material or equipment

Safe Work Procedures

Protective clothing: Keep clean and in good repair. You are an ambassador of EPOL Fill report and hand to Security. DO NOT drive vehicles if it is unsafe to do so. Make sure you have your driving license with you; it is a criminal offence to drive without it. Do not exceed speed limits Hijack – Watch out for suspicious looking people. Do not give lifts, do not stop for hitchhikers. Do not leave LDV unattended and do not leave the key in the ignition while you offload.


  • Ensure that you greet the customer in a friendly way.
  • Ensure that you handle the products with care
  • Ensure you check the products in conjunction with the customer and delivery note.
  • Ensure that the customer follows the correct procedures with regards to receiving, and all documents are signed/stamped as per your POD manual.


Ensure you clock in at the start and end of your shift. In the event of ill health, ensure you inform your supervisor well before the time with valid reason. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Dress Code

Always wear correct dress code. Ensure your uniform is clean and neat at all times.

RCL foods drivers Minimum Requirements

Driver’s Licence (Code EB) with valid PDP



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